Master of The Earth

Some people believe in God..some others don’t. Some believe in Humanity.. and some find their God in stone idols. An atheist doesn’t believe in the Lord. But he does believe in the Universal power that governs the earth. If God is just an abstract concept and all our ideas regarding God are based only upon old mythological stories, how does everything seem to work so systematically!! Some consider Mother Nature as God! Image image:
Whatever the truth is Man is a lonely powerless animal without the trust in something. Just went through an old quote that truly manifests the existence of God:

“There is no Master on the Earth as strict as the God. He keeps testing you… and when your ship is about to sink, he comes to your help and manifests that one should not give up the Trust in the Lord.. no matter what”

It was a bit difficult to translate this quote from Hindi to English.. hope it went currently 🙂 Planning to writing celestial experiences that some of my acquaintances are ready to share!! People who are inclined to the divine side of things will really find them fascinating!