Everyone Thinks Of Changing The World.. But No One Thinks Of Changing Himself!

One of the greatest problems troubling Environment today is the collection of dump,trash and junk. Rural life has become pathetic and Urban cities are struggling to keep themselves clean. Proper management of resources can actually solve this problem and make our surroundings better. We can take charge and work together to solve this problem. We, the youth can decide to make small groups and work on cleaning societies, colonies and small suburban units, thereby covering cities. Same things can be done in villages and small towns effectively. When it comes to solving the problems related to cleanliness, all we do is complain and post requests to Government authorities. We keep waiting for their action or at least a reply from them for years, only to discover that there’s no use in requesting Government to clean our premises.

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Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. Suppose a group of 5-10 people (strictly above 18 years of age)decide to do this for the society, even if by charging some money; it would not only clean the surrounding but also would become a good source of leisure activity and income generation. Beginning with a small 5 storied building, a society of 100 people, or a small rural colony, would be a good way to start. This work will not only develop a sense of unity among them but also inculcate the sense of Self Respect for themselves. Lets assume we collect about 100 Bucks from each urban household, every two months to keep their surroundings clean. This action will prove to be very beneficial for the people living in that society.  It would give them a good, healthier environment to live. It would save them from the daily grief they experience when they see garbage in front of their houses. This activity can actually be started with no initial income at all! Moving forward the group can register themselves as authorized cleaners. Grass cutting equipments, sweeps etc can be bought and work can be extended to Gardening as well. This would prove to be a good fun-time part-time job, self employed in nature!

And who knows if it becomes Big!! We can actually set up franchises across cities and spread its presence. Lets think Big!! and be Positive!!!